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Demi Remick


Born and raised in Gilford, New Hampshire, Demi Remick is an alumnus of two tap companies: Aaron Tolson’s New England Tap Ensemble and Sean Fielder’s The Boston Tap Company. At 15, Demi moved to NYC to become a contemporary ballet trainee at the Joffrey Ballet School and to pursue her love of tap dance. She is currently attending the Peridance Capezio Center’s Ballet/Contemporary Certificate Program and tapping in every spare minute. Demi’s performance experience includes the Jacob’s Pillow’s Inside/Out Series: as an improvisational soloist for The Boston Tap Company and as a member of Dorrance Dance, Michelle Dorrance’s Bessie Award Winning company. She was recently featured in Drika Overton’s "Ring in the Rhythm: A Jazz and Tap Holiday" alongside Brenda Bufalino, Josh Hilberman, and Ayan Imai-Hall. Demi has also been a soloist in Jared Grimes’, "Run The Night" show, where she showcased her original choreography. Demi has also appeared in Chicago’s Harris Theater in Derick Grant’s "Once Upon a Tap", STAM-PEDE as a member of Caleb Teicher and Company, Tap Extravaganza, and many tap festivals. Most recently, Demi participated as a member of Dorrance Dance in a full-length production at the Regent Theatre in celebration of National Tap Dance Day. From 2008-2011 Demi won recognition in the nationwide Reflections Art Program Choreography Contest, twice winning the nationwide Award of Excellence, with her original tap choreography. Demi is also a two-time winner of the DC Tap Festival Cutting Contest. Demi plans to remain in NYC to continue her study of contemporary ballet and pursue her love of tap dance.


My biggest accomplishment has been moving to New York City, at the age of 15. Last summer, I was offered a trainee position in a full-time ballet and modern program. My parents and I decided that if I were to move, my tap dance would benefit as well. I am proud to say that even after leaving home early, switching from public to online high school, and dancing like a crazy person, my new life in New York City has been a success so far!

Another one of my greatest accomplishments has been joining Michelle Dorrance's company, Dorrance Dance. I am most proud of our full length show at the Regent Theatre in Boston. Michelle has been my idol ever since I can remember. Joining her company was a dream come true.

My most recent greatest accomplishment has been getting the opportunity to work as an understudy for Jason Samuels Smith's show at the Joyce. Simply being in the room and learning with such talented and accomplished people is an honor.


The first thing that comes to mind when I hear "Capezio" is immediately tap shoes! My tap shoe preference has always been Capezio K360s. I love the sound of the shoe and I know exactly how I want them made. I like the classic build up with a large toe tap and specially ordered heels, which actually aren't made anymore. My Capezio K360s are yellow and have become my signature shoes!


Capezio K360 Tap Shoes.


My biggest advice for other dancers is you can never get enough dance. Expand your dance education and take as many classes in as many genres of dance possible. Broaden your spectrum and free your mind of insecurities. You will only benefit from indulging yourself in multiple styles of dance. Who knows, maybe you will end up falling in love with other dance forms. I am passionate about tap dance but also modern and ballet.


My goal is to not only pursue a career as a professional tap dancer but also go to college for dance. I am passionate about modern and ballet and plan on going to a dance school. An unusual fact about me is that I love peanut butter. When I say love, I mean I eat multiple jars per week!