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DancerPalooza hits Long Beach


Capezio set to unveil revolutionary new product at DancerPalooza

By Chelsea Thomas of Dance Informa.

The hip and happening Break the Floor Productions is set to unveil its newest hit event this month in Long Beach, California. Dubbed “DancerPalooza”, this six-day dance festival will be the first of its kind coming to the Pacific Coast. Bursting with classes, performances and parties led by a slew of dance celebrities hailing from every side of the dance spectrum, it is sure to blow the lid off the traditional concept of an annual dance festival.

“DancerPalooza is definitely going to be something that we’ve never seen before. There is truly a part of DancerPalooza for everybody!” enthused dance veteran Robert Lee, who is co-directing the event with Executive Director Gil Stroming of Break the Floor, which also produces Jump, Nuvo, 24 Seven and The Dance Awards.

DancerPalooza, which was first dreamed up by Stroming about two years ago, promises a full and comprehensive dance experience complete with style-specific intensives, performances by professional companies, a unique expo hall, and even nightlife activities and a pool party! Set for July 22-27 at Long Beach Convention Center, this one-of-a-kind dance festival might just be the summer dance event every dancer has been waiting for.

“So far, our registration is already over 1,600 and we are expecting around 2,000 total registered dancers,” Lee told us. “Plus, with the open expo, we expect another possible 1,000 attendees over the last three days.”

Capezio is proud to be the festival’s Presenting Sponsor and Lee is honored to have the dance icon’s support, noting that Capezio’s pioneering spirit aligns with the progressive vision of DancerPalooza.

Shaping Sound

Shaping Sound will be performing at Dancer Palooza. Photo by Rob Daly.

“Capezio just has such a broad range now of dance representation. They really represent dance in such a positive light! They have been around for so long and they have been such a movement, such a force in the dance industry. They never get stagnate in their shoes and apparel, but instead are always growing their brand and moving it in a forward direction. Break the Floor really loves to be partnered with companies like that,” Lee said.

Make sure to stop by the Capezio Zone at DancerPalooza, presented in the Beat Street expo hall. The Capezio Zone will showcase the latest in dancewear and fashion and have a huge display of new and favorite products for purchase. You can snap a photo of yourself in front of the Capezio signage, post it on Facebook or Instagram and win great prizes. You will also receive a signed poster of dance star and Capezio Athlete Sophia Lucia and have a chance to have a photo with her. And, with much anticipation, Capezio will be launching a revolutionary new product at the Capezio Zone! This new, technologically advanced product is sure to create mass excitement in the dance industry…..can you hear the future?

With a bustling expo hall, Capezio Zone, shows, classes and more, DancerPalooza truly seems to have something for everyone.

“If you’re just into seeing really great shows, we have six different shows that you can see over five different nights. And those are all going to be incredible preview shows or full-length shows,” Lee explained. “Then we have the six, week-long intensives that are geared towards the intermediate to the advanced dancers, as well as the younger, beginner dancers. Plus, we’ll have Beat Street, the expo that will be open and free to anybody.”

DancerPalooza will present evening performances featuring the popular Shaping Sound and the urban dance brand Movement Lifestyle, as well as Jaci Royal’s Royal Flux, Stacey Tookey’s Still Motion Dance Company, and the Joanne Chapman School of Dance.

Movement Lifestyle

Movement Lifestyle will perform at DancerPalooza.

Then, Beat Street’s vendors and innovative booths will be complemented by free dance performances presented on the Hall of Fame Performance Stage. This “big, beautiful stage” will showcase special guest artists and soloists – “like So You Think You Can Dance alumni” noted Lee – and the Beat Squad, a group of 30-35 of the nation’s top competitive dance soloists. Capezio is outfitting the Beat squad for their performance. Sophia Lucia will also be performing a number wearing a new product that Capezio will be showing to the public for the first time at the show!

Likewise, DancerPalooza also has many events for current kid, teen and adult dancers. The heart of the festival is the varied and style-specific intensives led by dance all-stars. The six intensives include The Collective, Slide, Pool Party, Kamotion, Bobby’s Beat Camp and Marquee.

“The Collective, our contemporary intensive that is being led by Mandy Moore, will allow dancers to train with some of the hottest names in this field, from Travis Wall to Teddy Forance to Mia Michaels and Sonya Tayeh. It is based on The Collective intensive experience that has been going on for a few years, which has really become the staple for Break the Floor’s summer events for the last two years,” Lee said.

“[The Collective] allows dancers to work with some of the biggest names in contemporary dance and rehearse along with those choreographers and taste what it’s like to be in a company with them. They are also going to be filming routines that the choreographers have created, which will be produced and shown at the end of the week to the whole festival.”

Bobby’s Beat Camp, a jazz funk intensive, will also be offered, allowing teen and adult dancers to work with artists like Bobby Newberry, Blake McGrath, Miguel Zarate, Taja Riley, Sheryl Murakami, Jaquel Knight, Tucker Barkley and Misha Gabriel. It will focus on “the style that’s been taking off in L.A. the last few years, what’s happening behind Jennifer Lopez and the other various big name artists right now.”

“It’s going to be awesome!” Lee exclaimed. “And one of the ways that we’re actually going to end DancerPalooza this year is through a young-dancer-friendly club night on a stage in the ballroom, and these intensive dancers will actually perform for the other students what they’ve been working on all week.”

Shaping Sound

Shaping Sound. Photo by Matthew Murphy.

Next up is the Pool Party intensive that is meant for younger dancers aged 7 to 12. Participants will be taking jazz, contemporary, musical theatre and hip-hop classes every morning before rehearsing in the afternoon for a closing festival performance featuring over 20 inflatable mini pools!

“It’s basically just a fun dance summer event with tWitch, Nick Lazzarini, Kim McSwain and Ivan Koumaev. All the faculty members are so much fun and incredible with kids,” Lee said.

For all the tappers out there, from age 7 to adult, the Slide intensive is where it’s at! Led by Mike Minery, it will bring in world-renowned tappers like Anthony Morigerato, Ayodele Casel, Danny Wallace and Anthony Russo to lead master classes and to choreograph on dancers for an end-of-festival showing.

“Slide has been offered in New York the last few years and this will actually be the first time it’s being brought to L.A. What’s incredible is that this intensive will culminate in a live show complete with a live band and singers,” Lee said.

A brand-new intensive is Marquee, which is essentially Broadway coming to Long Beach. A musical theatre workshop for dancers 13 to 25 years old, it offers the chance to work with some of Broadway’s best choreographers, including Al Blackstone, Andy Blankenbuehler, Ricky Hinds and Ryan Kasprzak. The week’s worth of classes features theatre dance, vocal lessons and acting instruction.

“Break the Floor is originally from New York and we have such strong ties into the musical theatre industry, so we want to make sure kids are aware of those amazing opportunities open to them,” Lee noted.

Lastly, Kamotion is a hip-hop only intensive featuring all kinds of street dance. It will feature a star-studded krew that will lead non-stop classes, events and special performances, which will end in the production of a professional music video.

“It will feature Marty Kudelka (Justin Timberlake’s choreographer) and Shaun Evaristo (the creator of Movement Lifestyle.) It will be directed by Misha Gabriel (who has danced with Michael Jackson and Britney Spears) and Kenny Wormald (Footloose star.) Plus, WillDaBeast will bring his own style to the mix. Dancers will come away very well versed in hip-hop, with a good idea of where the industry is,” Lee said.

With six intensives this amazing, it comes as no surprise that some dancers probably wish they could do a little of all of them. For those, as well as busy dancers who might not be able to make the entire week of an intensive’s classes, DancerPalooza offers a way to still take part – the Crash Course. This allows dancers to pick the classes they want to participate in for three afternoons, from July 25-27.

In summary, Lee said, “There is just so much we have going on during these six days that you can kind of pick and choose. Do you want the whole enchilada or just a taste?”

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