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Capezio releases fresh summer activewear

Studio by Capezio Naples Top and Casoria Studio Pant from the new Studio by Capezio range.

Embrace your inner ballerina

By Chelsea Thomas and Deborah Searle of Dance Informa.

Capezio's new "Studio by Capezio" range, released just this month, presents fresh and colorful new workout wear designed to help you embrace your inner ballerina.

The range, although designed keeping Capezio’s dance DNA in mind, is made for everyone, dancers and non-dancers alike, who want to look good and feel great while working out or even just going to the shops. Whether its dance class, yoga, Pure Barre, a run or hitting the gym, this line will make you feel graceful and energized, with small details reminiscent of ballet apparel and bright, fun summer colors and patterns.

Sydney Bra and Canberra Capri

The Sydney Bra and Canberra Capri are inspired by two of Australia's most popular cities.

This marriage of grace, athleticism and feminine beauty meets a need in commercial retail and is truly different than any other active line that is currently being sold at stores.

When working on designing and producing the line, Capezio experts partnered with au courant designer Amy Yeung, who has been crafting activewear in Europe and the U.S. for more than 25 years. While speaking with Dance Informa, it was obvious how passionate Yeung is about Studio by Capezio.

“This has been a dream project for me,” Yeung enthused. “With everything happening with fitness trends, with Pilates and barre classes and all these women going back to the studios, it’s just been the perfect storm for us to create this line. It has been so much fun.”

Two of her main inspirations for the range were the feminine physique – “there are so many beautiful curves,” she explained – and Capezio’s rich history and passion for athleticism and movement.

“I love this idea of a new renaissance girl and finding a way to bring romance into activewear,” Yeung said. “I just thought it was the time to bring back that more tailored, athletic look as well.”

Studio by Capezio includes everything from sweatshirt-style cover-ups to hot graffiti print tanks and lightweight sweatpants, to leggings inspired by the canals of Venice and bra tops with lines reminiscent of the famous Sydney Opera House. The styles come alive with colors and patterns, some alluding to urban street art and some to impressionistic paintings. And lovely details abound, with some tees with keyhole backs even filled with a hanging charm.

Studio by Capezio

Amy Yeung's sketches of Studio by Capezio during the design phase.

The styles are also crafted to physically benefit us during workouts, with the durability to keep up with a rigorous, active lifestyle. In addition to having the necessary flexibility for a full range of movement, many also feature properties to deal with perspiration.

“Every single fabric has moisture management. That is really part of the beauty of the line – it’s really beautiful but at the same time, it’s got these inherent properties in the fabric that can really benefit anybody in a situation where they might be sweating or there is motion involved,” Yeung said.

The items’ spandex content gives them a “very compressed and supported fit.” Yeung noted, “Even a cute t-shirt will allow you to twist sideways at the barre, turn upside down and bend over with no problem.”

Two unique built-in features that make the activewear ideal for any fitness activity are the Cool Max Gussets for breathability and Cotton Modals for a sumptuously soft feel.

“The Cool Max Gusset is a very beautiful fabric that has cooling affects. It really pulls the moisture away from the body. It’s used a lot in our bottoms as a second layer for comfort,” Yeung explained. “The Modal is a wonderful fabric made out of wood from beech trees. Any product that you blend it in will have a natural softness. It also has inherent moisture management properties.”

Studio by Capezio

Studio by Capezio's fresh, bright colors and patterns can bring energy to your workout and wardrobe.

Yeung is inspired by art and she wanted the line to “really reflect art in motion in the designs and patterns.” She intentionally chose designs that “have the feel of movement and dance already,” boldly bringing prints back to activewear.

Melissa Brannan, Vice President of Design and Merchandising at Capezio, said Yeung’s prints are “absolutely gorgeous.” Brannan feels that these bold prints can give confidence and express personality.

“I think when you pick a print, you are picking it because there is something in you that is emotionally identifying with it. That print becomes part of your outward identity,” Brannan said. “When you are feeling strong, you are projecting that, and part of that is in what you wear, even if it’s just a printed legging. These prints help people set themselves apart.”

When asked what their favorite Studio item was, Yeung and Brannan couldn’t decide as they adore the entire range. Both, however, gushed over the Lyon Legging, made with 54 percent cotton, 36 percent Modal and 10 percent spandex. Offering a long, clean, uninterrupted leg-line, these leggings are as chic as their Parisian city namesake and can be worn either as regular leggings or with the stirrup pulled down into its functioning position.

Studio by Capezio

The Sydney Bra and Adelaide Capri from Studio by Capezio.

“They’re perfect for dancers as they can wear them over their shoe and increase the look of their arch, or can pull the stirrup over and have an instant ankle pant,” Brannan said. “The convertibility of that for a true dancer, as well as someone who’s not an aspiring dancer and just going to barre class, is equally important.”

At its heart, Yeung sought to design a range that would seamlessly reflect Capezio’s rich dance history and passion for athleticism and movement, while also creating something fresh, feminine and practical. She summarized it best when she said: “There’s nothing that would inspire me to go workout better than having a really beautiful outfit… And these pieces are just beautiful.”

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