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Dance Bag Essentials

Capezio Dance Bag The Never Quit Duffle Bag is stylish and functional with multiple pockets including an expandable shoe pocket.

By Laura Di Orio of Dance Informa.

With a busy dance schedule of classes and rehearsals at the studio, and then tech, dress and performances at the theater, it may sometimes feel like you live out of your dance bag. So, you surely want to have everything you need! When at dance, your focus needs to be on your dancing, not on what you left at home.

Here, Dance Informa has compiled a checklist of dance bag essentials. Most items are conveniently available right here to purchase on the Capezio website.

Capezio Garment Bag

The Capezio Garment Bag is perfect for holding your dance items.


First things first, you'll need a sturdy dance bag to take with you to the studio or theater. It's nice to have something separate from your school backpack or purse. Depending on your day and how much loot you'll need to carry around, it may be helpful to have a couple of different sized bags to choose from at home. Capezio's Garment Bag is a good size for studio classes and rehearsals. It contains shoe pockets and a comfortable, adjustable shoulder strap. When you're dancing all day, the last thing you want is an achy arm from carrying your belongings!

Dance Ruffle Bag

The Dance Ruffle Bag is an adorable bag for young ballerinas.

For longer days in the theater, Capezio's Never Quit Duffle Bag is functional and even expandable. This bag features multiple pockets to keep you organized, and the exterior mesh pockets are perfect for airing out your dance shoes. For the younger dancer, stay in style with Capezio's adorable Dance Ruffle Bag.

For a full list of Capezio's extensive bag collection, click here.

Crop Tie Wrap Top

The Crop Tie Wrap Top is a cute and functional cover-up.


As a dancer, it is very important to make sure your body is warm. Whether it's before class, between rehearsals or in that often-chilly theater, be sure to have a couple cover-ups in your dance bag.

Harmonie’s Crop Tie Wrap Top is perfect over a leotard for ballet class. The Long Sleeve Wrap Sweater comes in mature colors and is a great cover-up to wear during classes and rehearsals, keeping your whole torso warm. Capezio’s Wrap Top is a dancewear classic, with a self-tie wrap feature.

Lamb's Wool

Lamb's Wool can provide cushion and comfort for your feet during pointe class and performances.


The last things you want in the middle of a long rehearsal are achy toes! Don’t forget crucial items in your dance bag like Bunheads' Toe Tape, which reduces friction and can help prevent blisters on your feet; Rainbow Lamb's Wool for some soft comfort in your pointe shoes; and the Original Ouch Pouch®, which is a long-lasting, comfortable toe cushion for inside your pointe shoes.

A Stitch Kit can easily be stored in one of the pockets of your dance bag and is great to have on hand should you need to sew on ribbons or elastics. This kit, complete with two sturdy needles and very strong thread, is also a great tool for quick costume fixes.

Foot wipes

Bunheads Foot Wipes are a must after a long class or rehearsal, particularly after dancing barefoot.


Another dance bag staple should be a spare pair of tights. They’re light and hardly take up any space. Plus, should a run take over in your current pair of tights, it’s much easier (and looks better and more professional!) to switch pairs rather than stress over what can turn into a never-ending run. Capezio carries a variety of Tights in different colors, textures and footings, so you’re bound to find what you need.

After a long day of dancing and sweating, Bunheads' Foot Wipes are a quick fix that can be easily tucked away in your dance bag. These are antibacterial and antifungal, like an instant shower for your feet!

Exercise Bands are great to have on hand. They can be used as an ankle warm-up prior to class, and during down time in the theater, you can use them to strengthen specific areas of the body: feet, ankles, shoulders and arms. These bands come in different colors, which signify their resistance strength, and are light and compact enough to pocket away in your dance bag.

Bunheads hairpins for dancers

Bunheads super heavyweight hairpins are specifically designed for dancers, helping you to achieve the perfect long-lasting bun.


Make sure to have some Bobby Pins, Hairpins, Hair Elastics and Hair Nets in your bag for quick hair fixes. There’s nothing worse than a bun that won’t stay up. It’s distracting to your dancing, especially when turning, and it looks untidy and unprofessional.


Of course, be sure to carry a water bottle in your dance bag. Refill it and hydrate throughout the day. A long day in the studio or theater and away from home probably means you’re going to do some eating on the go. Make sure you have some healthy snacks with you. Things like bags of nuts, trail mix, natural protein bars, apples and dried fruits can be a great boost of energy and can keep well in your dance bag.