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Helping Your Students Make the Correction Connection

Giving dance students corrections

By Emily Yewell Volin of Dance Informa As a teacher we must give our students corrections, but how can we help them to make the connection between correction and improvement? How can we keep them motivated while critiquing their efforts …

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5 Foods That Dancers Must Eat

5 Foods That Dancers Must Eat

By Emily C. Harrison MS, RD, LD for Dance Informa Dancers are performing athletes. As a former professional ballet dancer myself, I wish I had better understood what a big impact eating good food can have on performance, risk for …

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What does it take to be an Artistic Director?

Ashley Wheater. Photo by Jim Luning

By Chelsea Thomas of Dance Informa Leading one of the world’s premier ballet companies can be a daunting, overwhelming and intimidating task. For many people it’s too much to even imagine in the tough and competitive dance world. To gain …

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Where are they now?

Steven Heathcote and Kirsty Martin of The Australian Ballet in Christopher Wheeldon's 'After the Rain'. Photo by Justin Smith

Some of the industry's best give the scoop on their latest dance and non-dance endeavors. By Stephanie Wolf of Dance Informa They’ve graced the stages of some of the most reputable theaters around the world and they’ve worked with some …

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Pointe Shoe Myths Debunked

Pointe Shoe Myths

By Laura Di Orio of Dance Informa With an art form as ancient as ballet, it is no wonder that rumors and myths have developed about dancing on pointe over the years. Some ballet-based movies and books have only fueled …

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Ballet & Broadway – a long term relationship

New York City Ballet’s Georgina Pazcoguin and Amar Ramasar in Jerome Robbins’ West Side Story Suite, which was performed as part of the Broadway Tribute program in May 2013. Photo © Paul Kolnik, courtesy of NYCB.

By Chelsea Thomas of Dance Informa In America, ballet and musical theater have always had an interesting, interconnected relationship. Although the art forms are very different – one focuses on grace, elegance and poise while the other emphasizes loud, loose …

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Youth America Grand Prix


By Deborah Searle of Dance Informa The world’s largest student ballet scholarship competition, Youth America Grand Prix, just celebrated its 14th season. Launched in 1999 by Larissa and Gennadi Saveliev, two former Bolshoi Ballet dancers, YAGP awards over $250,000 annually …

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Chloe Arnold’s Latest News

Chloe Arnold

By Deborah Searle of Dance Informa I hear you’ve been working with Beyoncé again. “I just did two commercials with Beyoncé. One is a Pepsi commercial and the other is an H&M swimwear commercial. That was very fun. Beyoncé is …

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Transitioning from College to Pro

Complexions Contemporary Ballet dancer Jourdan Epstein in Dwight Rhoden's 'Mercy'. Photo by Ryan Muir.

By Laura Di Orio of Dance Informa For some dancers, dance life post-high school can become a dilemma: Do they try to plunge right into the professional dance scene, or do they venture to college to gain more academic and …

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Dancing in Music Videos: Expect the Unexpected

© Pavel Losevsky |

By Stephanie Wolf of Dance Informa While the music industry - including how people get and hear new music - has changed in the last decade, recording artists are still utilizing the visual appeal of music videos to excite fans …

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