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Velocity Dance Convention picking up speed

Velocity Dance Convention

By Deborah Searle of Dance Informa.

In the midst of an exciting second season and 15-city tour, Velocity Dance Convention is picking up speed and quickly becoming a must-attend dance event.

For Founders Eve Mason and Cory Jones, two dancers who grew up together who both have impressive dance credits to their names, Velocity is a dream come true.

“We started last year with our first season and it was a success. It was a completely fantastic season! We are thrilled for this new year and are looking forward to building Velocity as we go,” Eve Mason told Dance Informa.

With the slogan “Inspiring dancers. To do more. To be more,” Mason and Jones started Velocity with the aim to both motivate and educate dancers. 

“We have danced together since we were probably 10 years old and have known each other our whole lives,” explained Mason. “Cory moved out to L.A. to further pursue dance and then I came shortly after. We were both working the convention circuit for a while and we ended up working together. While we were joining forces, we saw that there was something lacking in the convention world, the education aspect of it, so we decided to branch out and do our own thing and try to bring something new to the world of dance conventions.”

Cory Jones and Eve Mason with dancers at Velocity Dance Convention

Cory Jones and Eve Mason with dancers at Velocity.

Jones added, “Through the feedback we had over the first season, we saw that inspiration was something the dancers needed and liked receiving from our faculty and staff. We bring in really high-caliber staff and we saw through studio owners’ and parents’ social media comments that this really inspired their dancers throughout the convention. Even if the dancers just loved it for the fun of it or really wanted to pursue a career out of it, they were inspired to push themselves to be the best they could be,” he shared.

Jones continued, “The structure of the convention really allows the teachers to interact and be involved with the students. While they are really well-known and recognized instructors and dancers, our faculty don’t act like it and are there to be with the students.”

And Velocity doesn’t just focus on the classes. The weekends also feature a faculty showcase, a popular competition and scholarship auditions. Velocity is proud to partner with a variety of schools, universities and dance programs for these auditions.

“We actually just partnered with the Radio City Rockettes!” said Jones. “We are really excited to partner with some of these programs so dancers can see all the opportunities that are open to them.”

“We are driven to inspire,” added Mason. “We offer seminars with various focuses and topics to students, parents and teachers at each city as well, like seminars on choosing a university, health/wellness, audition techniques and more.”

This educational element makes Velocity unique and is one of the many reasons that Capezio has partnered with Velocity, providing scholarships during the competitions – the Capezio Awards of Excellence.

“Having someone like Capezio who has so much involvement in dance history and the industry was definitely something that we wanted. Capezio is one of the strongest brands and names in the dance industry and we feel very lucky to have their support. We always personally use their products too,” said Jones.

With the second season already well underway, Jones and Mason are excitedly looking to the future. “For right now, 15 cities is a lot to undertake, especially when you’re only in your second year, but eventually we’d like to host a full 22-city tour, with conventions in the fall as well,” said Jones. “Eventually, we’d like to go international as well!” added Mason.

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