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Dance Salad Festival in Houston

Dance Salad Festival 2014 Members of Germany’s Wiesbaden Staatstheater Ballet performing Stephan Thoss’ 'Loops and Lines.' Photo by Lena Obst.

This year, the Dance Salad Festival will celebrate its 19th anniversary season in Houston, Texas and the 22nd season since its inception in Brussels, Belgium. The Dance Salad Festival will be held April 17-19 at the Wortham Center’s Cullen Theater.

The festival has organized another world-class lineup of performers for this year, including Paris Opéra Ballet's Étoiles Laetitia Pujol and Manuel Legris, China’s Beijing Dance/LDTX, the Royal Danish Ballet, Germany’s Weisbaden Staatstheater Ballet and Spain’s Elephant in the Black Box.

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