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“New Dances” presents work by Thodos Dance Chicago

New Dances program Dancers performing in TDC’s 2013 "New Dances." Photo by Cheryl Mann.

Thodos Dance Chicago is gearing up for its popular, highly-charged New Dances performance series, which appoints nine talented Thodos Dance ensemble members the opportunity to choreograph their own new works.

Set for July 18-20 at Chicago’s Ruth Page Center for the Arts, this evening of new dance discovery will showcase premier works by John Cartwright, Annie Deutz, Tenley Dorrill, Kyle Hadenfeldt, Brandon Harneck, Jon Sloven, Alissa Tollefson, Diana Winfree and Lauren Zimmerer.

For their works, TDC's dancers/choreographers cast their fellow TDC dancers as well as professional dancers who audition from the larger Chicago community.

The dancers/ choreographers also have the opportunity to be mentored by a panel of top Chicago dance professionals,
including: Brock Clawson, Margi Cole, Jeffrey Hancock and Zachary Whittenburg.

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